Tow bar
rigid, with screwed-on ball head

suitable for NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) Saloon
Model year 07.95 - 07.00

Manufacturer: AUTO-HAK

Item: 101077-01476-1

€ 129,00 


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Technical details - Tow bar
Tow bar typerigid
Tow bar variantwith screwed-on ball head
installation time 1)2,0 h
Vertical load75 kg
Towing capacity1.600 kg
D-value8,0 kN
CertificationEC 1352
Entry in vehicle documentation obligatoryNo
Bumper alteration neccessaryYes
Alteration in visible areawith visible bumper cut
Bumper cover included in scope of supplyNo
Dismantling of bumper neccessaryYes
Socket holder can be folded inNo
Tow bar with electrical setNo
Suitable for bike carrierYes
Swap system suitableNo
Weight13,90 kg

1) The indicated fitting times for tow bars and wiring kits are related to the regular installation of these products. Some car models might require additional work like disassembling the bumper.
This indestructible bolted on AUTO-HAK tow bar provides robustness at a bargain price. And It fits your NISSAN ALMERA I Saloon. 

Towing capacity up to 1600 kg and a vertical load of 75 kg are the essentials of this towing solution. AUTO-HAK indicates a D-value of 8 kN. 

Because of the EC 1352 mark it's not needed to register the tow bar in the vehicle documents. 

A cut in the bumper is required to fit this tow bar. Bumber cut dimensions and a template are in the installation instructions. 

Bicycle carriers can be securely fitted onto this NISSAN ALMERA I tow bar.  

The ordered article includes detailed assembly instructions from AUTO-HAK. This tow bar is powder coated. During the coating process, a plastic powder coating is applied to the metal surface. The result is high durability coat with excellent protection against corrosion. 

In reverse, the parking assistance sensors might detect the tow ball. It could be recognized as an obstacle. Read and follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer when installing the hitch. Normally all information can be found in the car user manual. 
Information about NISSAN
The founded in 1933 Nissan has 183.000 employees over the world. Since 1999 Nissan has strategic partnership with Renault. From this merger emerged the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which now also cooperated with Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz). 

Car model Model year Power
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) 1.4 09/95 - 07/00 64 kW
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) 1.4 GX,LX 09/95 - 07/00 55 kW
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) 1.6 07/95 - 03/00 75 kW
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) 1.6 09/95 - 07/00 73 kW
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) 1.6 SLX 09/95 - 07/00 66 kW
NISSAN ALMERA I (N15) 2.0 D 11/95 - 07/00 55 kW

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