Art. No.: 135767-10963-2

AUTO-HAK Towbar detachable incl. electrical set 7pins universal - DACIA SANDERO II

Art. No.: 135767-10963-2

AUTO-HAK Towbar detachable incl. electrical set 7pins universal - DACIA SANDERO II

  • Towbar variant: Towball inserted from the rear
  • Towing capacity: 1100 kg
  • Vertical load: 75 kg
  • Electrical set-model: without indicator monitoring
  • suitable for DACIA SANDERO II
  • year of make 10.12 -
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Product details

Complete towbar set for your DACIA SANDERO II: Detachable with a 7-pin electrical kit

Consisting of a detachable towbar from AUTO-HAK and the necessary 7-pin electrical kit, this complete set optimally equips your vehicle to meet all challenges. This towbar and electrical kit are suitable for your DACIA SANDERO II. Trailers with a weight of up to 1100 kg can be towed with them. The ball head can be easily removed and stored in the boot when not in use.

It is not necessary to subject your DACIA SANDERO II to an expert inspection or to make an entry in your vehicle documentation. The instructions in your vehicle user manual, issued by the vehicle manufacturer, must be complied with.

From the smallest screw to the installation instructions, this complete set provides you with everything you need to install the towbar on your DACIA SANDERO II.

Data Sheet
Special features
  • for vehicles with a gas system fitted at the factory, retrofitting a towbar is only possible in an authorised LPG workshop.
  • only suited for Stepway models
Datasheet towbar complete kit
Manufacturer towbar
Towbar type
Towbar lock
Lever system
Towbar variant
Towball inserted from the rear
Electrical set-version
Suitable for bike carrier
19,74 kg
Installation time (in hours) 3
3,0 h
C2 to block light
Validation required
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1 the maximum vertical load depends on the vehicle manufacturer and may be lower
2 the maximum towing capacity depends on the total weight of the vehicle and can therefore be lower
3 The indicated fitting times for towbars and wiring kits are related to the regular installation of these products. Some car models might require additional work like disassembling the bumper.
4 Not included.
Installation instructions

Installation instructions are given here in different languages and, depending upon the product, complementary installation help and additional images which make the installation or attachment of the product easier for you.

suitable vehicles

The vehicle manufacturer Dacia is a subsidiary of Renault and was formerly mainly present in Eastern Europe. The company now has two plants in Romania and produces increasingly more for the Western European market. Renault dealerships take care of the distribution of affordable Dacia vehicles in Western Europe.

  • Dacia SANDERO II
    • Vehicle model
      Year of make
    • Vehicle model
      Dacia SANDERO II 1.0 LPG
      74 kW / 101 HP
      Year of make
      11.19 -
    • Vehicle model
      Dacia SANDERO II 1.2 LPG
      55 kW / 75 HP
      Year of make
      10.12 -
    • Vehicle model
      Dacia SANDERO II TCe 90 LPG
      66 kW / 90 HP
      Year of make
      09.15 -
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