Art. No.: 177413-14352-2

Erich Jaeger Electrical set 13 pins Data bus specific - VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis

Erich Yeseger
  • Erich Jaeger Electrical set 13 pins Data bus specific
  • Erich Jaeger Electrical set 13 pins Data bus specific
Art. No.: 177413-14352-2

Erich Jaeger Electrical set 13 pins Data bus specific - VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis

  • Activation necessary: No
  • Parking assistance system cut-off: No
  • suitable for VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis
  • Year of make 10.19 -
Erich Yeseger
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Product details

This 13 pin Erich Jaeger wiring kit is made specifically for your VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis. This 13-pin electrical kit is easily integrated into the existing data bus system of your VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis. If the trailer lights are damaged, the car's own system will signal the fault. Manual coding is not required with this electrical kit.

If available you can turn off parking assistance of your VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis with a button on your dashboard. This electrical kit is installed in the boot only. A continuous current connection (terminal 30) for the trailer control unit must be available in the rear of the car. No need to drill into the rear panel of the vehicle. A grommet already exists on your VW TRANSPORTER T6 Platform/Chassis . It is used by this vehicle-specific 13 pin electrical kit. It's not required to connect each cable to a trailer socket. A socket is already connected with this kit.

The trailer socket is connected with pin 9 for steady plus. Pin 10 can be used for 12 volt battery charging. This extension set is ideal to connect additional electric consumers (e.g interior lighting, refrigerator, radio) while simultaneously charging a 12 V battery in the trailer.

Data Sheet
Special features
  • only for pre-equipped vehicles (pre-equipped connector is found on the left at the end of the cargo area, behind the rear light assembly)
  • Trailer Hitch: for vehicles with towbar preparation
Technical details - Electric wiring kit
Erich Jaeger
Electrical set-version
Electrical set type
Electrical set-model
Data bus
C2 to block light
Assembly time 1
2,0 h
Validation required
Parctronic disconnection
Rear fog lamp disconnection
Integrated constant current, pole 9
Constant current extendable
Integrated charge line, pole 10
Charge line extendable
Preassembled socket
Dismantling of bumper neccessary
Installation only on the rear of the vehicle
Cable gland present in vehicle
Voltage [V]
0,18 kg
1 The indicated fitting times for towbars and wiring kits are related to the regular installation of these products. Some car models might require additional work like disassembling the bumper.
Installation instructions

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suitable vehicles

VW is the key brand of Volkswagen AG (VW AG) with its headquarters in Wolfsburg. Its portfolio includes many vehicle brands such as Bentley, Audi, Ducati, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, MAN, Seat, Skoda and Scania. VW is ranked as the second largest car manufacturer in the world and is the largest in Europe.

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