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Manufacturers of towbars and electrical sets

We will introduce you here to the most important manufacturers of towbars and electrical sets. Whether it is Westfalia towbar, Bosal towbar, Oris towbar, Brink towbar, MVG towbar or Hook towbar as well as ALKO towbar. They are all manufacturers of towbars characterised by their quality and experience in the field.

Brink towbars


Brink supplies to almost all car manufacturers and hence can deliver a matching towbar directly after a new car is launched. The cooperation with the car manufacturers is to such an extent that Brink even takes part, along with the manufacturer, in the designing phase of the car. For two to three years, before the production of the car is started, the experts of Brink Towing Systems work on the development of a towbar, which matches perfectly with the car. For this reason too, the quality is the core concept for the Brink Group B.V.

Westfalia towbars


With more than 12 million Westfalia towbars manufactured for cars and light utility vehicles, Westfalia towbars is among the worldwide leading manufacturers in the field of towbars. The Westfalia towbar is developed in close cooperation with the automobile industry specially for every vehicle model.

Bosal towbars & Oris towbars

Bosal Oris

As development supplier, Bosal and Oris manufacture and develop original equipment products for the international automobile industry. Decade-long know-how is used to develop efficient Bosal and Oris towbars customised especially for the customer's needs. Along with customer-specific information, latest topics like environment, demographic change and personalisation are also included in the development of Bosal and Oris towbars.

GDW towbars


The GDW Group, founded in 1952, develops, manufactures and markets a large range of towbars in Europe. All GDW towbars are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards. The GDW Group today has five production sites in West-Europe. Each year, more than 60 new GDW towbar models are developed.

ALKO towbars


As a family business, ALKO towbars is a worldwide technology company with 50 locations and more than 3,600 employees and belongs to the leading providers in the fields of automotive technology, garden, leisure, aviation as well as towbars. ALKO the towbar expert.

Auto Hak towbars

Auto Hak

With over 40 years of experience, Auto Hak has become one of the largest manufacturer and seller of towbars for cars and vans. The product range of the Polish towbar manufacturer currently has over 1900 Auto Hak towbars for the various vehicle models.

MVG towbars


MVG is successfully developing, designing and manufacturing towbars and electrical sets for cars and utility vehicles since 1972. Latest production technology, quality checks accompanying the process ensure an excellent product quality and make MVG towbars a reliable partner in automobile trade when it comes to towbars.

ECS electrical sets


As the leading provider in the European market, ECS Electronics BV specialises in the development and production of electrical sets for towbars and electronic components. The head office of the company, founded in 1988, is present in Breda (Netherlands). The company is characterised by delivery specific electrical sets for almost every vehicle type with an excellent quality.

Erich Jaeger electrical sets

Erich Jaeger

ERICH JAEGER has been developing and manufacturing high-quality connectors and cable sets since 1927. The company's customer base includes many well-known car and commercial vehicle manufacturers in addition to companies from other sectors. Perfect solutions and the highest level of quality are the standards which ERICH JAEGER strive for.

Prof Svar towbars

Prof Svar

Prof Svar was founded in 1994 with the intention of developing and manufacturing towbars. Together with the successful product development for the brand SKODA, soon an expansion of the site was done. Today, Prof Svar is the largest manufacturer of towbars in the Czech Republic.

AC electrical sets


For 25 years in the market now, the company became famous in recent years mainly through its gas retrofitting systems. In this field, the company is currently at the top in entire Poland. After an initial production of simple car accessories, the company is concentrating since 1996 on the production of electrical sets for all vehicle types for the worldwide use. The establishment of a research and development centre in the year 2011 takes care of development of innovative products for future.

Volta electrical sets


The company VOLTA, established in the market since 25 years, is our supplier for high-quality electronic modules. As stated by the company itself, it will provide solutions in the field of vehicle electrics and electronics to its customers under one roof by continuously expanding its competencies.

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