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You're almost there! You are just a few clicks away from finding your new Daihatsu MATERIA towbar. All you have to do now is select the vehicle type and finally the engine for your Daihatsu MATERIA.

Why is all this information necessary? The towbar is very complex product. There are numerous systems on the auto parts market. Depending on the Daihatsu MATERIA towbar to be installed, a cut-out may have to be made on the bumper or the wiring on the electrical set may differ. The selection criteria and the questions are for the sole purpose of offering you the correct towbar, so that everything goes smoothly when installing the Daihatsu MATERIA towbar.

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Daihatsu MATERIA fixed towbars

starre Daihatsu MATERIA Anhängerkupplung

With a rigid Daihatsu MATERIA towbar, the ball head is permanently bolted to the crossbar or welded and is therefore always ready for use. A fixed towbar is of interest to customers who frequently use a towbar or other transport solutions with a towing device. The advantage, especially for professionals who use a towbar for work-related purposes, is that the ball neck does not have to be removed. A fixed towbar not only saves time, but also money, and is the most af Daihatsu MATERIA able towbar system.

  • lowest price towbar
  • suitable for frequent and permanent use
  • ball head cannot be removed

detachable towbars

abnehmbare Daihatsu MATERIA Anhängerkupplung

With a detachable Daihatsu MATERIA towbar, the ball head can be removed. A distinction is made between detachable Daihatsu MATERIA towbars with a hand and lever system and fully automatic systems. The main differences between the systems are their ease of use, convenience and price. With fully automatic Daihatsu MATERIA towbar systems, the pre-tensioned ball head audibly engages automatically. Hand and lever systems, in contrast, are manually tensioned and secured.

  • easy to operate
  • ball head can be removed
  • good value for money
  • the best-selling towbar system

retractable towbars

schwenkbare Daihatsu MATERIA Anhängerkupplung

With a retractable Daihatsu MATERIA towbar, the ball head is permanently joined to the crossbar. It neither needs to be mounted nor dismantled. The ball head is brought in ready / rest position by means of a turning wheel. If the number plate or parts of the lighting are hidden by the Daihatsu MATERIA towbar, the ball head must be brought in the rest position. The ball neck and socket are no longer visible in this case.

  • the most convenient and very ease to operate
  • ball head does not have to be stored in the vehicle when not in use
  • the most expensive type of towbar system
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