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All useful products for your workshop e.g.. gloves, working lamps, gasoline cans, pressure pump bottles, towel dispenser, roll dispenser, hand wash paste, cooling system sets, fender cover, LED shop lamps, measuring cups, power powder, power primer, breakdown sets, tyre bags, jump leads, telescope control mirrors, magnetic lifter and oil trays.
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Fabric duct tape black

only 2.49 *

in stock

Work gloves made of cowhide

only 2.99 *

in stock

Work glove made of cowhide

only 2.99 *

in stock

Insulating tape pack of 6, VDE tested

only 3.95 *

in stock

Measuring cup oil, acid and fuel resistant


only 3.99 *

in stock

Telescope snow broom incl. ice scraper, up to 66cm

only 6.95 *

in stock

Petrol can filling quantity: 5 litres

only 7.99 *

in stock

Cable connector set 150 parts


only 9.99 *

in stock

Petrol can filling quantity: 10 litres

only 10.99 *

in stock

Fender cover made of imitation leather

only 12.99 *

in stock

Telescope mirror telescope-safety mirror and telescope-magnetic lifter

only 16.99 *

in stock

Tyre bag 4 Wheel-Cover, to store your wheels in clean condition

only 17.99 *

in stock