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These products shouldn't be missing in your workshop eg. loading ramps, cone shaped drills, torque wrench, screwdrivers, spring compressors, open-end wrench, ring spanner, ratchets and wheel spiders, sockets, tool boxes, offset screwdriver, forceps and oil filter remover.
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Oil filter removing wrench with steel strapping


only 5.49

in stock

Wheel nut wrench with telescope handle

only 11.99

in stock

Wheel nut wrench wheel spider for all common wheel bolts

only 12.99

in stock

only 13.95

in stock


only 15.95

in stock

Open-end wrench set 8-part set, sizes: 6 - 22mm

only 15.99

in stock

Box/open-end wrench 12-part set, sizes: 6 - 22mm

only 16.99

in stock

Box wrench Set of 8, cranked, sizes: 6 - 22mm


only 16.99

in stock

Offset screwdriver offset screwdrivers assortment 18-part

only 16.99

in stock

Flatten set set of 7


only 18.94

in stock

Wheel nut wrench Duo Action

only 19.50

in stock

Safety stand professional applications, load 2000 kg

only 20.99

in stock

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