Art. No.: 204306

Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3

Eufab eBike
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
  • Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3
Art. No.: 204306

Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3

  • mounting on the towbar
  • payload: 60 kg
  • hinged
  • foldable
Easy to assemble and safe while driving. Ready for your next bike adventure! Discover the convenient bike carrier that can be extended with accessories for transporting four bikes. Get ready for effortless bike transport, wherever your journey takes you!
€ 679.99
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Data Sheet
Nr. Of bikes
can be enhanced to
4 bikes
Expansion set for fourth bicycle 1
Aluminium, Plastic, Steel
22,00 kg
60 kg
Vertical load for max. loading capacity
82 kg
max. wheelbase [mm]
1350 mm
Carrier lockable
Bicycles lockable
Bicycle attachment
Tyre attachment
Tire mounting with lashing straps
Suitable for electric bicycles
Attachment type
on to the towbar
with clamps
D-value tow bar min.
7.6 kN
Plug connector
13 pins
max. bicycle tyre width [mm]
82 mm
Distance between wheel rails [mm]
230 mm
Recommended speed (km/h) 2
130 km/h
1 Not included.
2 Please aware laws.
Product details

The Eufab ProBC bike carrier series
offers an outstanding solution for the safe and convenient transport of your bikes or e-bikes on virtually all towbars. With a range of features and technical details designed for durability, ease of use and safety, this bike carrier is the ideal choice for all cycling enthusiasts.

One of the advantages of the Eufab ProBC series is its quick and easy assembly. In just three steps, the carrier is ready for use and can be mounted straight away. Thanks to the pre-assembled delivery, there is no need for tedious screwing together, so you can start your cycling adventure straight away.

Another feature is the lockable quick release catch, which holds the carrier securely on the towbar and prevents theft. The fold-down mechanism, which is operated with a foot pedal, allows super convenient access to the boot of your vehicle, even when the bikes are fitted.

The Eufab ProBC series offers convenient fastening options for your bikes. Removable and lockable frame holders ensure secure attachment to the bike frame. Special brackets for sensitive frames or bikes with oversize and Y-frames make attaching bikes a breeze. The tyres are fastened using a ratchet system equipped with a tensioning device, which also ensures secure yet uncomplicated fastening at the tyres.

The rails of the bike carrier consist of sturdy aluminium rails with plastic wheel holders, which enable the bikes to be held securely and gently. The aluminium, plastic and steel material ensures a robust construction that can withstand the stresses and strains during transportation.

Overall, the Eufab ProBC bike carrier series offers a first-class combination of user-friendliness, safety and versatility that will make your next bike trip a stress-free experience.

When not in use, the bike carrier can be folded together and stowed away to save space.
An extra storage and transport bag, adjustable frame holders and other practical items can be found under "matching accessories".

This bike carrier is equipped with a 13-pin plug. Please note that in some EU countries, a 13-pin electrical kit is also required for the use of a bike carrier (e.g. Germany & Austria).

The licence plate holder complies with the European standard (520 mm x 110 mm) and can be adjusted in height up to 130 mm.

matching accessory for Bike carrier Eufab ProBC3 (9)
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  • Extension bicycle carrier Eufab Extension

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  • Frame adapter Thule 982 Frame adapter

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  • Storage bag Eufab Storage bag

    for bicycle carrier Eufab ProBC3, with drawstring, tear-resistant polyester fabric, Colour: black, Velcro strip

    € 16.99
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