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Are you looking for an inexpensive bike carrier for your car or caravan? As a specialist dealer for all types of bicycle carriers, you can choose from several hundred models. Our product range includes boot lid bike carriers, towbar bike carriers and roof bike carriers as well as special solutions for e-bikes and off-road vehicles with a spare wheel or trailer drawbars. Our friendly customer service will be happy to assist you in choosing the right carrier for your vehicle.

Increase your mobility on holiday by taking your bikes with you. Short trips to the nearest local supplier or fully fledged bike tours increase the quality of your holiday and keep you active during it. With our bike carriers for 3 or 4 bikes, even the whole family can benefit.

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Car with bike rack

Towbar bike carriers

Towbar bike carriers

Ideal for vehicles on which a towbar is already installed. The bicycle carrier is fitted directly on the ball head.

buy from just € 128

Roof-mounted bike carriers

Roof-mounted bike carriers

The least expensive type of bicycle carrier. Here the bicycle carrier is fitted on the already installed roof rack.

buy from just € 18

Boot lid bike carriers

Boot lid bike carriers

With the boot bike carrier, no further accessories are necessary. The bicycle carrier is mounted on the boot lid of the vehicle.

buy from just € 108
Westfalia mft Thule Eufab Yakima Oris ACPS

Table of contents

  1. Bicycle carrier, number of bikes
  2. Select carrier system
  3. Bicycle carrier fastening
  4. Bicycle carrier for bicycle type
  5. E-bike carriers
  6. Scooter and moped bike carriers
  7. Summary
  8. Buy bike carriers!

1. How many bikes do you want to transport?

The number of bicycles to be transported is a decisive factor in choosing the right bicycle carrier.

Bicycle carriers on the car roof can usually be loaded with 1-3 bicycles. For bikes for the towbar, we have bike carriers for 2, 3 or even 4 bikes in our range. In addition, we also stock extensions with which your model for 2 or 3 bikes can be extended to 3 or 4 bikes if necessary. For example the extendable towbar bicycle carrier from Westfalia.

When buying a bike carrier for the boot lid, it is usually also possible to transport at least 2 bikes. In our online store you have the option of limiting the number of bikes to be transported in all bike carrier categories using filters and thus finding the right bike carrier for your needs. Furthermore, you will find the corresponding information in all data sheets to inform yourself in advance.

Bicycle carriers for 1 bike

A single bike is often carried on the roof with a roof bike carrier or even inside. Due to the weight of an e-bike, only one carrier for the towbar is possible. Tip: Many of the carrier systems offered here allow you to transport a roof box plus a bicycle on the roof. This saves you a lot of storage space inside the vehicle.

Bicycle carriers for 2 bikes

The classic choice for couples or young families who want to travel by bike – two bikes fit both on the roof and on a boot lid carrier. The most common type, however, is the towbar carrier for two bicycles, as it makes less wind noise and is easy to mount on a towbar and to remove after your holiday. Alternatively, there are also bicycle carriers for the drawbar (e.g. the bicycle carrier Esch Profiboy or from LAS) with which up to two bikes can be placed on the trailer draw bar.

Bicycle carriers for 3 bikes

With three bikes the weight becomes a challenge. The maximum roof load is between 50 and 100 kg and can already be reached with three bikes. Therefore the boot bike carrier and the towbar bike carrier are the first choice. Carriers for the boot lid can impair the opening of the car boot – but do not need a towbar. For the use of a carrier on double doors, for example on vans, minibuses or caravans, special boot lid bicycle carriers may be necessary. If the bikes are heavy e-bikes, the bike carrier on the towbar is preferable.

Bicycle carriers for 4 bikes

When the whole family goes on tour by car and bike, all the bikes have to be taken along. The carrier system that can carry four bicycles at once is the towbar carrier system. Systems for the boot lid usually, and of course depending on the vehicle model, reach their capacity limit with three bikes.

5 or more bikes

For transporting more than 4 bikes you need either a special trailer or a delivery van or you combine the option of a roof bike carrier with the bike carrier for the trailer hitch.

2. Carrier system: towbar, roof or boot lid

How should the bicycle carrier be attached to the vehicle? This is the first and also the most important decision that has to be made when buying a bicycle carrier. In general, we distinguish between 3 types of fastening: bicycle carriers for fastening on the towbar, on the boot lid and on the vehicle roof. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we explain the differences between the systems and give advice on which one is the most suitable for the respective needs of our customers.

Bike carriers for towbars

Bike carriers for towbars

Two to four bicycles can be transported at the same time comfortably and very securely – even heavy e-bikes can be taken on your trip. The airstream-protected location of the carrier on the towbar has hardly any effect on driving dynamics. Bicycle carriers for towbars also offer a convenient assembly and loading height. Some models are even foldable for even easier loading and unloading.

Loading is even easier with the help of loading ramps (optionally available). Clever fold-down mechanisms also ensure that the car boot remains accessible. Some carrier systems can be converted into real all-round transport systems through the use of accessory articles such as e.g. luggage boxes or transport trays. We recommend this type of carrier for frequent users. Further advantages of the towbar carrier can be found in the test report issued by Bike Magazine.

Advantages of towbar bike carriers

  • for all vehicles with towbars
  • also for convertibles, sports coupés and compact cars
  • for up to four bikes
  • suitable for e-bikes
  • convenient assembly and loading height
  • car boot remains accessible
  • accessories, such as loading ramps, luggage boxes
  • e.g. bicycle carrier for Opel Astra Caravan

Product recommendations

Bicycle carrier Atlas 2 Premium Blue

Bicycle carrier Atlas 2 Premium Blue

for 2 bikes, attached to towing hook, load capacity: 60 kg

Bike carrier Alcor 3

Bike carrier Alcor 3

for 3 bicycles, towbar mounted, Payload: 60 kg, removable

Bike carrier Atera Strada E-Bike M

Bike carrier Atera Strada E-Bike M

for 2 bicycles, expandable to 3 bicycles, mounting on the towbar, payload: 60 kg, hinged

Bike carrier Oris Tracc

Bike carrier Oris Tracc

for 2 bikes, extendable to 3 bikes, mounting on the tow bar, payload: 60 kg, hinged, foldable

€ 278.00
€ 269.00
€ 378.00
€ 408.00

Bike carriers for roof mounting

Bike carriers for roof mounting

The classic version – this carrier variant is very popular because of the inexpensive purchase price, but usually only offers enough space for one bicycle. However, if you need a 2nd "parking space", there is no other option than to buy another carrier. Very little space is required to mount a bike carrier onto the roof rack, so a lot of space is still available for a roof box or a canoe carrier. A roof bike carrier is a good and economical transport solution for lightweight to medium-weight bicycles!

Advantage of roof-mounted bike carriers

  • for all vehicles with roof load and roof rack system
  • affordable purchase price
  • the manufacturer Fischer also offers a roof lift for your roof bike carrier
  • car boot remains accessible
  • simple assembly on the roof rack system
  • Example: bicycle carrier for Peugeot 307 SW from Thule or for Renault Clio / Espace from Hapro

Product recommendations

Roof bike carrier Iron

for 1 bicycle, mounting on the roof

Roof bike carrier Thule Free Ride 532

for 1 bicycle, mounting on the roof, Wheel size: 10 - 30 inch

Roof bike carrier Atera Giro AF+

Roof bike carrier Atera Giro AF+

for 1 bicycle, mounting on the roof, Wheel size: 20 - 29 inch

Roof bike carrier ProRide 598

Roof bike carrier ProRide 598

for 1 bicycle, mounting on the roof, Colour: silver

€ 48.00
€ 68.00
€ 98.00
€ 128.00

Bike carriers for the boot lid

Bike carriers for the boot lid

This boot carrier version is usually suitable for two or three bikes. The bicycle carrier on the rear does not need a towbar. The carrier is rapidly and securely attached to the boot lid with flexible straps and hooks. This ensures a convenient assembly and loading height.

The bike carrier is protected from the airstream to a large extent and is therefore hardly noticed with regards to driving dynamics and wind noise. The carrier for the boot lid is an optimal alternative to towbar bike carriers with regards to price, performance and convenience for occasional users.

Advantages of boot lid bike carriers

  • for up to four bikes
  • bicycle carrier without towbar
  • with accessories, maximum four bicycles
  • affordable purchase price
  • convenient assembly and loading height
  • space-saving storage option
  • can be simply folded up
  • Example: bike carrier for the Kia Sorento III

Product recommendations

Bike carrier Thule ClipOn High

for 2 bikes, Mounting: on the boote, Payload: 30 kg

Bike carrier F.LLI Menabo Polaris

Bike carrier F.LLI Menabo Polaris

for 3 bikes, Mounting: on the boote, Payload: 45 kg

Bike carrier F.LLI Menabo Shadow

Bike carrier F.LLI Menabo Shadow

for 3 bikes, Mounting: on the boote, Payload: 45 kg

Bike carrier F.LLI Menabo Shadow

Bike carrier F.LLI Menabo Shadow

for 3 bikes, Mounting: on the boote, Payload: 45 kg

€ 0.00
€ 208.00
€ 268.00
€ 238.00

3. Bicycle carrier fastening

There are two ways of attaching your new bike carrier to the towbar: the connection by means of a locking screw and the connection by means of a clamping device. We compare the two fastening systems for you and explain how the systems work and their advantages. In the bicycle carrier detail pages (data sheet) you will find information about the fastening system for the bicycle carrier. For more information on fastening a bike carrier on the towbar, please visit our fastening a bike carrier page or watch our video for assembling a bike carrier for the Thule towbar.

Screw connection

Screw connection

Here the bicycle carrier is pushed horizontally onto the ball head of the towbar. Afterwards, the carrier is aligned horizontally and locked by means of a locking screw and spanner.

Advantage of screw connection

  • Price advantage combined with bicycle carrier
  • very secure fastening

Clamping device

Clamping device

With the clamping device, the carrier is placed on the ball head of the towbar from above. Then the lever is simply pushed down completely and the carrier is fixed in place.

Advantage of clamping device

  • bicycle carrier fastening device is lockable
  • less effort to assemble

4. Bicycle transport: mountain bike, racing bike or children's bikes – the right bike carrier

Mountain bike

In short: all types of bicycles can be transported! Whether it's a mountain bike for off-road or everyday use, valuable racing bike, children's bike, triathlon or cyclocross bike, city bike for the daily commute to work or in the city streets, children's and young person's bikes for the daily ride to school or trekking bike for those who want to cover the longest distances in comfort. With the bicycle carriers from Rameder you can transport any bicycle safely. Especially our towbar bicycle carriers are suitable for all bicycles.

Bicycle types for bicycle carrier

  • Mountain bike
  • Cyclocross / Crossbike
  • Trekking bike / ATB
  • Racing bike
  • City bike
  • Triathlon bike
  • Children's bicycle / young person's bike

5. E-bike carriers

Car with E-bike carriers

The e-bike, also known as an electric bike or pedelec, has been becoming increasingly popular for years. This is proven, among other things, by the sales figures for electric bicycles in Germany, which increased more than fourfold between 2009 and 2017. Of course, the company Rameder, the specialist for bicycle carriers, also has e-bike carriers in its range. Standard electric bikes weigh 20 to 30 kg including batteries, which is up to twice the weight of a normal trekking model. In addition, the frame and attachments are usually designed more solidly and are therefore bulkier.

This results in two limiting factors for carrier systems: the permissible total weight, and holders and support rails that are not large enough. Before the purchase decision is made, these parameters should therefore be compared. It is best to plan for reserves in case the bike is exchanged for a heavier model later on. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the permissible bearing load of the car and the tare weight of the bicycle carrier. If the total weight of the bicycles is added to the carrier weight, the result must not exceed the bearing load of the vehicle.

But even if everything adds up: more than two e-bikes cannot be transported with standard carrier systems, while some holders can easily accommodate three to four standard bikes. Products for mounting on the roof or boot lid cannot be recommended for reasons of loading ergonomics alone. Types for mounting on the towbar have proven to be optimal.

Advantages of e-bike carriers

  • for electric bikes as well as for bicycles
  • bicycle carriers with a loading ramp make loading easier
  • if you remove the batteries during transport, you can save several kg
  • Example: Audi A6 bicycle carrier

6. Transport scooters and mopeds with the bike carrier

Rear load carrier

Car with heavy load carriers and scooters

You don't want to do without your scooter or moped during your holiday or excursion? For this case our heavy duty boot-mounted carriers, many of them also known as special bicycle carriers or heavy duty carriers, are the best choice in our range. The bicycle carriers from Allround, LAS, Wildweit and EUFAB are ideal for the safe transport of scooters, mopeds or three-wheelers for the disabled. All boot-mounted carriers that we sell guarantee high quality, highest safety, are very easy to assemble and are characterised by excellent value for money.

Advantages of rear load carriers

  • no trailer necessary
  • boot-mounted carriers with an loading ramp make loading easier

7. Summary

A bicycle carrier for the car is the easiest way to transport a bicycle or several bicycles without having to use a trailer or failing in the attempt to squeeze the bicycle into the car boot. A bicycle (also taken apart) takes up a lot of space. Not to forget that a bicycle stored in the car can unnecessarily make your vehicle dirty, e.g. from the oily chain or dirty tyres.

It is much more convenient to transport the bike easily and safely on a bike carrier. On the one hand, you save yourself the worry and effort of laboriously loading your bike into the car and, on the other hand, you have much more space inside the car for the rest of your holiday luggage. After your holiday, you can remove the bike carrier from the car and store it safely in the garage thanks to a matching wall bracket from F.LLI Menabo. With our reasonably-priced bicycle carrier models we offer a convenient way of transporting bicycles for almost any vehicle.

8. Select a bike carrier for your vehicle now

When choosing a bicycle carrier, there are a few things to consider. If you have read the above information in the guide, the next step is to choose the right bicycle carrier for your vehicle and purpose. We have developed this bike carrier selection by vehicle manufacturer to guide you step by step quickly and easily through this process.

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