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Buy bike carriers – the easy way!

Looking for a bicycle carrier? Here you can find carrier for the towing hitch, tailgate and roof mounting. We carry bicycle carrier from Thule, Atera, MFT, Twinny Load or our brand "Rameder". Also accessories you can find on our website.

Which bike carrier is suitable for me?

Bike carriers for towbars
Bike carriers for towbars

Two to four bicycles can be transported at the same time comfortably and very securely - even heavy E-bikes can be taken on your trip. The driving wind-protected location of the carrier on the towbar has hardly any effect on driving dynamics. It also offers a comfortable mounting and loading height.

Loading is even easier with the help of loading ramps (optionally available). Clever fold-down mechanisms also ensure that the car boot remains accessible. Some carrier systems can be converted into real all-round transport systems through the use of accessory articles such as e.g. luggage boxes or transport trays. We recommend this carrier variant for frequent users

Your benefits
+ For all vehicles with towbars
+ Also for convertibles, sports coupés and compact cars
+ For up to four bicycles
+ Suitable for E-bikes
+ Comfortable mounting and loading height
+ Car boot remains accessible
+ Practical accessories, e.g. loading ramps, luggage boxes, etc.

Bike carriers for roof mounting

The classic version – this carrier variant is very popular because of the inexpensive purchase price, but usually only offers enough space for one bicycle. However, if you need a 2nd "parking space", there is no other option than to buy another carrier. Very little space is required to mount a bike carrier onto the roof carrier system, so a lot of space is still available for a roof luggage box or a canoe carrier. A roof bike carrier is a good and economical transport solution for lightweight to medium-weight bicycles!

Your benefits
+ For all vehicles with roof load and roof carrier system
+ Economic purchase price
+ Car boot remains accessible
+ Simple mounting on the roof carrier system

Bike carriers for boots
Bike carriers for boots

This carrier variant is usually suitable for two or three bicycles. The carrier is rapidly and securely attached to the boot with flexible straps and hooks. This enables a comfortable mounting and loading height.

The bike carrier is protected from the driving wind to a large extent and is therefore hardly noticed with regards to driving dynamics and wind noise. The carrier for the boot is an optimal alternative to towbar bike carriers with regards to price, performance and comfort for occasional users.

Your benefits
+ For up to three bicycles
+ With accessories, maximum four bicycles
+ Economic purchase price
+ Comfortable mounting and loading height
+ Space-saving storage
+ Can be simply folded up

eBike - Which bike carrier is suitable for it?

eBike bicycle carrier

Convenient: Bike carriers with a loading ramp make it easy to load
an eBike.

Common electric bicycles including batteries weigh 20 to 30 kilos and hence up to double that of a normal trekking model. In addition, the frame and the add-on parts are normally massive and bulky.

This results in two limiting factors for the carrier systems: the total permissible weight and the too less dimensioned brackets and stand rails. Before making a decision to buy, these parameters must always be checked. It is best to plan a reserve, in case the bicycle is exchanged later for a heavier model.

Further, pay attention to the permissible bearing load of the car and the own weight of the bike carrier. The total weight of the bicycles and the carrier should not exceed the bearing load of the vehicle.

But even when everything matches: More than two E-Bikes cannot be transported with the commonly available carrier systems, whereas many holders bear completely three to four standard bicycles. Products for roof or tailgate installation cannot, therefore, be recommended for reasons of loading ergonomics. The variants for installation on the towbar have proved to be optimum.

Tip: You can save a few kilos by removing the batteries during transportation.

Are there bike carriers for mopeds and scooters?

All-round tailgate carrier
All-round tailgate carrier

Net load 130 kg, foldable
Wheel sizes 16 - 28", TÜV/GS tested

Special bike carrier

Our all-round tailgate carriers are best suitable for safely transporting scooters, mopeds or tricycles for the disabled.

All-round tailgate carriers stand for high quality, safety and easy installation.

How are the bike carriers fixed on the towbar?

Screw connection
Screw connection

The bike carrier is pushed horizontally on the ball head of the towbar. Thereafter, the carrier is aligned horizontally and locked with the help of locking screw and spanner.

+ Price benefit together with bike carrier

Clamping device
Clamping device

In case of the clamping device, the carrier is placed from top on the ball head of the towbar. Thereafter, the lever is simply pressed completely downward and the carrier becomes fixed.

+ Bike carrier fixing can be locked
+ low installation effort

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