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True to the motto "transport with pleasure", the company MFT has been developing, producing and selling transport systems for towbars since 1992. The family-run Swabian company stands for innovation, sophisticated design and highest quality. The priority for MFT is always the customers and their satisfaction. With the BackBox, which is variable in width, and the clamping lever-free and foldable compact 2e+1 rear-mounted bicycle carrier, MFT is a trendsetter in the industry. The mission of MFT transport systems GmbH is therefore clear: to move awkward bicycle and luggage transport down off the roof and onto the towbar

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  1. Multi-Cargo-2 Family bicycle carrier
  2. Compact 2e+1 bicycle carrier
  3. BackPower bicycle carrier
  4. Aluline bicycle carrier
  5. BackSystem

Multi-Cargo 2 family bicycle carrier | Family-friendly classic

A proven classic – Highly recommended according to ADAC test method 2001 ADAC motorwelt 07/01 – 20 bicycle carrier systems tested. The multi-cargo2 family can be expanded from 2 to 4 bicycles as required. Assembly on the towbar is tool-free and straightforward. The bicycles are attached to the frame with lockable holding clamps, which are covered with a durable rubber to protect the frame.

Large bicycle frames can easily be fastened with the XL holding clamp. The bicycle carrier is quickly and easily folded flat by means of a fold-down holding bar. Also suitable for vehicles with an external spare wheel after adjustment using the mft spare wheel kit. Only suitable for transporting e-bikes under certain conditions.

only € 241.19
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Multi-Cargo 2 family features:

  • conveniently fastened onto towbar without tools
  • extendable from 2 to 4 bicycles
  • large bicycle frames not a problem

Compact 2e+1 bicycle carrier | The optimal bike carrier for 2 e-bikes

True to the motto "transport with pleasure", mft transport systems GmbH is launching its new compact 2e+1 model. The rear-mounted bicycle carrier with innovative folding mechanism was developed especially to safely and conveniently transport e-bikes each weighing up to 30 kg. The wide gap between the wheel rails (23 cm) offers enough space for e-bikes with a large frame. The 3-point locking system provides even more security for the expensive bicycles.

The bicycle is not only locked at the frame, but also at the bottom by the tyres. In terms of appearance, the tidy design and the modern LED lighting stand out. If required, it can be extended to 3 bicycles, whereby the folding mechanism is retained. The carrier therefore impresses due to its very compact storage dimensions, even if it is not being used.

only € 457.99
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Compact 2e+1 features:

  • innovative and patented folding mechanism
  • pre-assembled
  • convenient fold-down mechanism with foot pedal
  • modern and durable SMD-LED lighting system

BackPower bicycle carrier | expandable & family friendly

The extremely stable bicycle carrier, which is supported by the BackCarrier, allows a payload of 66 kg and can be extended from 2 to up to 4 bicycles. A perfect bike carrier for the family! Push-in frame elements and a removable holding bar ensure smaller storage dimensions when not in use. The BackPower also makes use of the extended folding mechanism and thus also enables large boot lids to be opened (VW buses, Mercedes-Benz V-Class etc.)

only € 359.99
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BackPower features:

  • Expandable from 2 to up to 4 bikes
  • push-in frame elements and removable holding bar
  • possible to transport E-bikes
  • can be folded down

Aluline bicycle carrier | convenient classic

The aluline is a convenient rear-mounted bicycle carrier for e-bikes up to 27.5 kg and normal bikes. It can be individually adapted to the size of the bicycle by means of adjustable wheel rails and has a widened distance between the bikes, so that e-bikes can also be accommodated without difficulty. The bikes are attached to the frame by means of lockable holding brackets with a ratchet system. The aluline can be folded flat quickly and easily and can be extended to 3 bikes

only € 217.99
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Aluline features:

  • extendable to three bicycles
  • lockable holding brackets
  • suitable for e-bikes

BackSystem | Extremely stable. Variable. Safe.

When it comes to the BackSystem, the system's carrier module, the BackCarrier, is first attached to the towbar. Various attachments can then be placed on this carrier module.

only € 192.99
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