In this area, we have made an attempt to answer all questions concerning our modes of payment and shipping as well as data privacy and use of the website. We have also provided answers to the most important questions on products and their technology.

  • General queries
  • Questions on modes of payment
    • Which options for payment do I have as customer of Rameder?

      ou can pay us via credit card (VISA/Mastercard) and PayPal upon pick up.

    • What does credit card payment mean?

      You have the option of paying us with Visa or Master/Euro card. For this, we need the credit card number, the validity data as well as the check number of the card. Your data is transmitted via a secure, encrypted transmission process.

    • What does PayPal mean?

      PayPal is an online payment service, with which you can quickly and easily pay your online purchases, no matter whether at eBay or in other online shops. PayPal is currently being used by over 100 million members worldwide. Benefit from the advantages offered to you by PayPal registration. Pay with PayPal easily with just a few clicks.
      The seller receives his money immediately after you have confirmed your payment. Your bank details and credit card data are not passed on to the seller.

    • Why do we rely on PayPal?

      The customer is at the top for us i.e. we constantly optimise the purchase experience for our customers. Our aim was to make the purchase process even simpler and more transparent with PayPal. We rely on PayPal, because the most common modes of payment are already integrated and we can only benefit from the experiences made with PayPal by its 5 million German members.

    • How can I register with PayPal?

      During the shopping process you are asked, whether you would like close your purchase via PayPal, or make use of the button "Register now" shown on the right. This leads you directly to PayPal registration. The registration is of course free of cost.

    • Which modes of payment are supported by PayPal?

      The most common modes of payment are available to you: Debit advice, credit card, Giropay and credit payments. Debit advice is the most popular payment method of online buyers. Credit card is especially popular with the buyers from abroad and is increasingly being used now in Germany. In case of credit payments, the payment amount is debited directly from your PayPal account. In doing so, you log in your online banking directly from PayPal.

  • Questions on shipping
    • Which forwarding company delivers the products?

      Your consignment is delivered with UPS, DPD or GLS.

    • What is the expected delivery time?

      Available products are delivered to you in the standard shipping within 2-3 working days with UPS, DPD or GLS.

    • What does the economy shipping mode mean?

      In the economy shipping, the products are delivered to you within 2-3 working days with UPS.

    • How do I come to know whether a product is available?

      The product availability is shown to you in the article details as well as in the overview list.

      green - can be delivered immediately
      yellow - delivery date unknown
      yellow-green - can be delivered in 2-3 days
      red - not available

    • What shipping costs can I expect?

      The shipping costs depend upon the selected mode of payment, the weight of the consignment as well as the country, in which the shipping is done. More information is given under "Shipping costs" in the service area.

    • Can I select a different shipping address?

      Yes. You can let your order be sent at a different shipping address. If you are registered as a customer, you can save up to 6 different shipping addresses under "My Account".

    • Can I modify the shipping address?

      Yes. Under "My Account: you can change the shipping address any time by using the button "Change address". Deleting the address is possible via the button "Delete address".

    • Can I define a default shipping address?

      Yes. Under "My Account" you can define a stored shipping address as the default shipping address by using the button "Define as default shipping address".

    • Can I search for a specific order number?

      Yes. Under "My Account" - "My Orders" you can search for an order number. It is also possible to view the orders from a specific time period or the last 5, 10, 25 or 50 orders.

    • What do I do, if a defective packet is delivered to me?

      In such a case it is extremely important that you get in touch with us immediately so that we can report the transportation damages to the consigner. In case parts of the product are damaged or missing, we will send you spare parts or replace the shipment completely. It is very helpful for us, if you can also send the images of the damaged shipment by e-mail.

      We request you not to accept the product if an apparent transportation damage is present i.e. the packet already shows external damages.

    • Can I return the incorrectly ordered products?

      You can return all products to us unrestrictedly and without specifying any reason within one month of receiving them. For this, you can get in touch with us by phone at the number +49 36734 35 343. Please refer to our General terms and conditions of business for more information.

    • Can I change my password?

      Yes. You can change your password under "My Account". You should be already logged in to do this.

    • Is my purchase order already shipped after selecting the payment and shipping conditions?

      No. Before you complete the ordering process, you are shown once again an overview of the ordering person, receiver of invoice, possibly different shipping address, selected mode of payment and shipping as well as the products present in the shopping cart. The shipping costs and the possible additional express costs are listed again. We receive your purchase order only when you click the button "Complete order process".

    • Do I get a confirmation mail from Rameder?

      Yes. You receive an e-mail from us when we get your purchase order. You also get a mail after we have processed your order and prepared it for shipping.

    • Is it possible to track the shipment in the Internet?

      Yes. When you log in, you can view the current status of your order under "My Account". Tracking the shipment is possible after your order gets the status "shipped". Click on "Details" to call the shipment tracking.

    • What happens when the delivery date gets postponed?

      In this case you get an e-mail from us. If the new delivery period is too long for you, you can cancel the order.

  • Question about data privacy
    • Do I automatically get a newsletter from Rameder?

      No. Under "My Account" you can subscribe to our newsletter under "Login data" or also unsubscribe from it, if you no longer wish to receive it. We need your e-mail address for this.

    • Are my personal data protected?

      Yes. For Rameder, security is the top priority and, therefore, we put a lot of emphasis on the security of your personal data. We use the data entered by you only for processing your concerns and to enable you a pleasant purchase experience.

    • How is the privacy of my personal data ensured?

      When you place an order with us, we need your name, shipping address, your phone number, e-mail address, possible credit card number with expiry date and check number for processing the order. We can process your order with this data and keep you updated about the status of your purchase order via e-mail or by phone in urgent cases.

      If you wish, we can use this data to activate a quick access for you. By registering for the quick access you can place your later orders faster and easier. If you take part in a raffle or in any other action, we need your name, address and e-mail address so that we can inform you, if needed.

      In case the data is to be processed within Rameder for the purpose of improving our customer service or for technical reasons, we make sure that your data privacy concerns are taken into account.

    • What happens to my data?

      Rameder does not forward your data to persons outside of Rameder, excluding the companies given the task of shipping or other companies linked in the process.

    • How is customer information protected at Rameder?

      We use a secure transmission process, the so-called "Secure Socket Layer" SSL transmission with 128 bit encryption for processing your data and information. All data transmitted with this method are encrypted before they are sent to us.

      During the conversion in a code, our security server software encrypts your personal data like name, address, credit card number or bank details. In this way, your data cannot be read by unauthorised persons while they are being transmitted in the Internet. By sending an e-mail to our customer service, you can initiate the deletion of your user profile.

    • What are cookies?

      Cookies are initialisation files of browsers. These are markings, with the help of which the central computer (server) can determine, whether the user has already visited before. Cookies thus simplify the identification of the surfer and prevent registering again. For deleting the cookies, go to your operating system, search for the corresponding cookie folder with the name Rameder and delete it.

    • Do I also get a guarantee for products by Rameder?

      As private customer, the statutory warranty period of 2 years is valid for all products.

  • Questions regarding production and technology
    • Which bike carrier can I use with an aluminium ball head?

      All bike carriers of the company MFT, Thule as well as Cykell can be mounted on an aluminium ball head.

    • or which vehicles can I use an open-end towbar?

      We will certainly clarify to you, whether it is possible to use an open-end towbar at your towing hitch. We need for this information about manufacturer, manufacturer number and test mark from the name plate of your towing hitch.

    • Which bike carriers does Rameder have in the product range?

      We offer bike carriers that can be mounted on the towbar, the roof carrier or at the boot. Depending upon the model, 1 to 4 bicycles can be transported.

    • What should be kept in mind when buying a bike carrier for the towbar?

      It is important to check the bearing load of the towbar and also the bearing load necessary for the selected bike carrier. This data is given in the article details or in the installation instructions. The bearing load of the towbar may not be exceeded.

      Example: You have a towbar with a bearing load of 75 kg and buy a bike carrier with an intrinsic weight of 17 kg. The weight of the bicycles mounted on the bike carrier may not exceed 58 kg (bearing load - weight of bike carrier).

      We also offer bike carriers with fold-down mechanism. You can fold down the bike carrier with the bicycles mounted on it. In most of the cars, this enables an access to the boot space.

      Furthermore, the use of many bike carriers demands a minimum D-value of the towbar. The respective D-value of the towbar is given in the installation instructions or on the name plate of the towbar.

    • What should be kept in mind when buying a bike carrier for the towbar?

      We offer bike carriers for the boot for different vans, estate or hatchback models. It is noted in the installation instructions or in a list of recommendations in the article details under installation instructions, whether the bike carrier matches with your vehicle. While transporting the bicycles at the rear, the lights of the vehicle may not be covered. For the case that the 3rd brake light of the vehicle is covered, we offer in our product range additionally a 3rd brake light for the bike carrier.

    • What should be kept in mind when buying a bike carrier for the roof?

      You must check, for which roof carrier (square pipe or aluminium rail profile) and which dimensions of the carrier (width and height) does the bike carrier fits. In addition, the maximum load carrying capacity of the roof carrier and the roof load specified in the instructions for use may not be exceeded.

    • How much load can I put on my roof carrier?

      The maximum bearing load of the roof carrier is given in the article details. In addition, the roof load of the vehicle is noted in the instructions for use for the vehicle. The roof load of the vehicle may not be exceeded.

    • What should be kept in mind when buying a roof box?

      If you already have a roof carrier (square roof carrier profile or aluminium rail profile), its height and width must be checked. In addition, the minimum and maximum possible distance is to be checked, with which the roof carrier can be fixed on the vehicle roof.

      You can check whether the roof box you have selected fits on your roof carrier with the help of the values of the data sheet of the roof box. This is stored in the article details under the button "Data sheet". If you order a roof carrier and a roof box together from our product range, the width and height of the roof carrier is also mentioned in the data sheet of the article in the article details under the button "Data sheet".

    • Can I continue to use my towbar after a damage at the rear of the vehicle?

      After an accident that causes damages to the rear of the vehicle with towbar, it is suspected that the towbar has either become bent or that cracks have appeared in the material. Therefore, for reason of safety that is now no longer ensured, it is necessary to dismantle the towbar after an accident.

    • The blinkers at the rear of the vehicle and at the trailer are not working?

      If you have installed a Top-Tronic electrical set and the above mentioned error occurs, the reason for this is mostly the lack of continuous power supply of the additional relay. Please check this. If the continuous power supply is present at the additional relay, please get in touch with us through phone. The employees of our technology hotline will clarify the case together with you.

    • The scope of delivery of my electrical set did not contain any C2 indicator lamp?

      The scope of delivery of a relay electrical set generally includes an indicator lamp. If this is not the case, please inform us by phone so that we can send you this. A C2 indicator lamp is no longer necessary in case of Top-Tronic or data bus electrical sets. Therefore, this is not included in the scope of delivery.

    • What to do when the control unit of my electrical set buzzes?

      It is to be checked here, whether your trailer has a rear fog lamp, because the control unit detects the trailer via the rear fog lamp. If this is not present at the trailer, it must be retrofitted.

    • What to do when everything glows "colourfully" in the diode testing unit when testing the electrical system?

      The diode testing unit is not suitable owing to too less power consumption. It must be loaded with 21 Watt. For this, we offer our light bar.

    • Can Rameder offer electrical sets for vehicles imported from US?

      We do not have these in our product range because of the different installed on-board control units and the American circuit switching system.

    • What distance is necessary from the ball rod to the bumper (clearance dimensions)?

      The distance from the bumper to the centre of ball head must be 6.5 cm. The height from ground to the centre of ball head must lie between 35 and 42 cm in the loaded state of the vehicle.