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We offer you a range of vehicle-specific and universally suitable car floor mats for almost every type of vehicle. Whether you are looking for textile or rubber floor mats - you will find what you are looking for on this page.

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  1. How do I get suitable floor mats for my car?
  2. Rubber floor mats
  3. How many parts does a floor mat set consist of?
  4. Select floor mats for your vehicle now
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1. How do I get suitable floor mats for my car?

Car floor mats for all vehicles

In our online shop, buying car floor mats is very easy. Simply select your vehicle model under "specific floor mats" and the matching floor mats will be displayed directly for your car. No matter whether you drive a VW Golf VII, Opel Astra, Audi A3 or Ford Fiesta, we can offer a custom-fit specific floor mat set for almost every vehicle.

Advantages of a car floor mat:

  • very durable
  • non-slip
  • long lasting
  • perfect fit
  • high accuracy of fit
  • very robust material
  • very quick to clean
  • protects the footwell from wear and tear and moisture
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2. Rubber floor mats

The rubber floor mats are especially suitable for the cold and damp time of year. Due to the properties of the rubber, the floor mats are very robust and slip-resistant. One of the most important aspects, however, is water impermeability. This property of the rubber floor mat is important, ensuring that no water reaches the vehicle floor.

This can prevent damage such as rust on the bodywork or electrical system. Another important factor is the prevention of mould and odours – your health is protected and any discomfort is avoided.

Our rubber floor mats meet the standards of OEM quality and precise fit. The high-quality materials used are low in odour and the patented relief pattern ensures a secure grip of the shoes when driving. The bumpy pattern on the underside of the floor mat ensures that the floor mats do not slip when driving.

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  • Rubber doormat with relief pattern
  • Rubber floor mat on the back with a nub pattern

    3. How many parts does a floor mat set consist of?

    A floor mat set, whether made of rubber, velour or needle felt, consists of four parts. Each set contains one matching floor mat for the driver and the passenger, as well as two floor mats for the rear. Vehicle-specific floor mats are precisely tailored to the respective vehicle model, no matter whether it’s a Mercedes E-Class, BMW 3 or Kia Sorento.

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    4. Select floor mats for your vehicle now

    Floor mats are available for every vehicle and we have the right floor mats for almost every model in our range. To be able to offer you the right set for your car quickly and easily, we have developed this finder. Simply click through by selecting your vehicle manufacturer in the first step and you will only see the 100 % matching products at a glance.

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