Art. No.: 200079-39858-2

Brink Towbar rigid with screwed-on ball head - PEUGEOT 2008 II

  • Brink Towbar rigid with screwed-on ball head
  • Brink Towbar rigid with screwed-on ball head
Art. No.: 200079-39858-2

Brink Towbar rigid with screwed-on ball head - PEUGEOT 2008 II

  • Towing capacity: 1944 kg
  • Vertical load: 75 kg
  • suitable for PEUGEOT 2008 II
  • Year of make 11.19 -
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Data Sheet
Special features
  • Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles without an electric motor
Technical details - Towbar
Towbar type
Towbar variant
with screwed-on ball head
Assembly time 1
1,5 h
Vertical load 2
75 kg
Towing capacity 3
1.944 kg
10,00 kN
E11*55R 0111719
Bumper alteration neccessary
Alteration in visible area
with invisible bumper cut
Dismantling of bumper neccessary
Socket holder can be folded in
Towbar with electrical set
Suitable for bike carrier
17,23 kg
1 The indicated fitting times for towbars and wiring kits are related to the regular installation of these products. Some car models might require additional work like disassembling the bumper.
2 the maximum vertical load depends on the vehicle manufacturer and may be lower
3 the maximum towing capacity depends on the total weight of the vehicle and can therefore be lower
Product details

This indestructible, bolted on Brink towbar with bolted-on ball head provides robustness at a bargain price. It fits your PEUGEOT 2008 II and is an inexpensive choice characterized by durability.

Towing capacity up to 1944 kg and a vertical load of 75 kg characterize this towbar. A fatigue strength of 10 kN is listed for Brink.

A cut in the bumper is required to fit this towbar. The cut will not be visible. Bumper cut dimensions and template are part of the instructions.

Bike carriers can be securely fitted onto this PEUGEOT 2008 II towbar. We deliver this original part from top class manufacturer Brink at the best price.

You will receive detailed installation instructions for this product from the manufacturer Brink. A coating with special paint protects the towbar against corrosion and environmental degradation.

Read and follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer when installing the hitch. Normally all information can be found in the vehicle's user manual. It is possible that the parking aid sensors of the car detects the tow ball. In reverse the towbar could be recognized as an obstacle.

Installation instructions

Installation instructions are given here in different languages and, depending upon the product, complementary installation help and additional images which make the installation or attachment of the product easier for you.

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suitable vehicles

The French PSA group consists of Citroen and Peugeot. Peugeot is the oldest brand. The headquarters of Peugeot are in Paris and the company counts more than 200.000 employees.

  • Peugeot 2008 II (UD_, US_, UY_, UJ_, UR_, UC_)
    • Vehicle model
      Year of make
    • Vehicle model
      Peugeot 2008 II (UD_, US_, UY_, UJ_, UR_, UC_) 1.2 THP / PureTech 155 (USHNNS, URHNNS, UXHNJP, URHNJP,...
      114 kW / 155 HP
      Year of make
      11.19 -