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Towbars belong to Rameder like Amen in the church - and have done so for over 25 years. The success story between the practical hook on the rear of the vehicle and the company called Rameder Anhängerkupplungen und Autoteile GmbH, then still in Bavaria, began in 1995. We are proud to have made many customers happy over the last quarter of a century and to have made an international name for ourselves as the market leader for towbars and other transport options such as roof racks or bicycle carriers.

We also have the right towbar device for your vehicle - whether you need a fixed, detachable or retractable model. By the way, we do not leave you alone when it comes to fitting the towbar and are happy to give you valuable tips on how to install the towbar on the vehicle.

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    Table of contents

    1. Towbar types
    2. Towbar applications
    3. Vertical load, trailer load, D-value & mark of conformity
    4. Difference between 7 & 13-pin electrical set
    5. Towbar manufacturers
    6. Buy towbar online
    7. We guarantee you the best price!
    8. Select towbar for your vehicle!

    1. Towbar types

    fixed towbar

    fixed towbar

    With a fixed towbar, the ball bar is permanently connected to the vehicle. This version is the cheapest and most durable towbar version. For price-oriented customers, but also for regular users (e.g. with a goods trailer), the fixed towbar is highly recommended. However, in case of vehicles with a parking assistance system, the towbar ball may be detected as an obstacle by the reversing sensors.

    detachable towbar

    detachable towbar

    In the case of detachable towbars, a distinction is made between hand and lever systems and automatic systems. Hand and lever systems are economically designed detachable towbars for price-oriented customers and occasional use. These systems are characterised by a simple and reliable construction, as well as by easy handling.

    retractable towbar

    retractable towbar

    The luxury class of towbars is defined by the retractable systems. Unsurpassed in terms of convenience and operation, a retractable towbar allows you to use it immediately at any time and gives your car not only added technical value but also an individual look.

    2. Which towbar is the right one for me?

    Caravan, horse, boat or car trailer as well as bicycle carrier

    It doesn't matter whether you are going on holiday with your motorhome or caravan, taking your horse to the next riding tournament, transporting your boat to the lake area, taking your sports car out onto a racing circuit or simply taking your bike carrier for a weekend trip or on holiday. For all of these application scenarios, you will need a towbar and matching electrical set. Our comprehensive product range includes fixed, retractable or automatic detachable towbars from well-known towbar manufacturers, which are designed for every scenario imaginable.

    small goods trailers

    Especially when building your own home or gardening, it can be very useful to have a goods trailer. To tow this trailer, we recommend that you not only use our fixed, retractable and detachable automatic towbars, but also our comprehensive and reasonably priced hand and lever system range.

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    • Car trailer
    • Boat trailer
    • Bicycle carrier on towbar
    • Horse trailer
    • Caravan

      In brief

      • You always need a car towbar and the matching electrical set.
      • Rameder covers all areas of application with fixed, detachable and retractable towbars.
      • If the towbar is needed very often, we recommend the inexpensive fixed version.
      • If you only use the towbar once or twice a year, we always recommend detachable systems.
      • Advantage of detachable systems, the ball head can be removed when not in use.

      3. What do the specifications for the towbar mean?

      Vertical load

      Vertical load

      The vertical load is the vertical force acting on the towbar ball. The values given by us refer exclusively to the respective towbar. The vertical load value of the vehicle is given either in the vehicle registration certificate or in the operating instructions of the vehicle.

      Towing capacity

      Towing capacity

      This is the load that may be attached to the towing vehicle. The automobile manufacturers specify the respective towing capacities for each vehicle type. The values specified by us refer exclusively to the respective towbar, not to the values of the vehicle. These are given in the vehicle registration document.


      The D-value of a towbar is an important technical parameter and forms the basis for calculating the permissible towing capacity. It corresponds to the theoretical reference force. Once determined by the appropriate design and tested, it remains unchangeable. The D-value is given on the nameplate of the towbar.



      Every towbar, towing bracket or sometimes also flange balls require specific labelling. On the nameplate you will find all the important information about the towbar. Starting with the manufacturer, vertical load, manufacturer number, mark of conformity, D-value and, if available, also the type number.


      • The vertical load and the D-value can be found on the nameplate.
      • The permissible towing capacity for the vehicle is specified in the vehicle documentation.

      4. What is the difference between a 7-pin and a 13-pin electrical set?

      7-pin electrical set

      Electrical set 7-pin

      An inexpensive, but no longer quite up-to-date electrical set. A frequent application is the towing of small goods trailers. The use of a bicycle carrier is not permitted by law due to the missing reverse light function. Instead, a 13-pin electrical set must be used.

      13-pin electrical set

      Electrical set 13-pin

      It meets the current standard in the automotive industry. The safe locking system, the splash-proof interior and the available reversing light function speak in favour of this type. Nearly all 13-pin electrical sets offer the optional possibility of trailer steady plus supply as well as charging a battery in the caravan/horse trailer. Therefore 13-pin electrical sets are our best recommendation, especially for the use of caravans.

      important note

      • Using caravans or horse trailers? Recommendation: 13-pin electrical sets.
      • When using bicycle carriers, a 13-pin electrical set is mandatory.
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      5. Are there differences in quality between towbar manufacturers?

      Towbar manufacturers

      Besides car towbars from the renowned original equipment brands such as Bosal, Brink, Oris or Westfalia, Rameder also stocks products made by GDW, MVG or Autohak. This gives our customers the security and precision of many years of experience and highest quality standards. Cheap products from the Far East usually not only have insufficient corrosion protection, but also fit poorly and must be laboriously fiddled with during assembly.

      This can cost a lot of time and nerves - or expensive workshop hours. For testing purposes, Rameder experiments with fitting many products to guarantee easy assembly. Quality pays off in the long term, even when it comes to wear and tear: Rameder, for example, relies on the CARLOS TC load test, during which the entire life cycle of a towbar is simulated.

      6. Why should I buy a towbar online and not at a garage?

      Car on lifting platform

      If you get the urge to buy a towing device, is the perfect place to go. Here the customer learns with just a few clicks whether they can fit the desired towbar for his car and whether the towbar is available. If, contrary to expectations, no corresponding product is available, no other supplier can usually offer a suitable article, even in terms of quality. Rameder is also very often less expensive than the retrofit solutions offered by the car manufacturers and usually comes in at a lower price than other third party suppliers.

      The installation of the towbar is much easier than you may think. We recommend our customers to have the assembly carried out at Rameder's own assembly support points. Specially trained automotive technicians are based there and can carry out the installation quickly, easily and professionally. Particularly with very new vehicles, the towbar release can become an issue when you install it yourself. Basically, however, you have three options when it comes to installation:

      Installation options

      1. Self-installation with support by trained automotive technicians via a separate technical hotline
      2. at the automotive company of your choice via cost estimate*

      * Thanks to the TecDoc parts management system, countless automotive companies throughout Germany have access to all Rameder products and can provide you with a precise cost estimate thanks to working time information.

      7. We guarantee you the best price!

      Best price guarantee

      As the market leader for towbars, we always strive to offer you not only the best quality but also the best price. However, if you have a cheaper offer for a towbar, a complete towbar set or an electrical set from another dealer, and this item is equivalent to one of our products, then you can make use of our best price guarantee. In this case we will offer you the item for the same price!

      This is how you proceed:

      • Access the Best Price Guarantee form.
      • Tell us the item and dealer with an exact internet link.
      • Upload e.g. an extract from a brochure or send us the offer by fax.
      • We will check the dealer's offer within 1-2 working days.
      • If the item is equivalent, you will receive the item 10 € cheaper as the offer, you sended us.
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      8. Select a towbar for your vehicle now!

      Buying a new towbar can quickly lead to many questions. Is my vehicle prepared for the installation of a towbar? Which exact model do I drive? And what exactly is level control? We would like to answer these and other questions with our comprehensive towbar guide.

      To be able to offer you the right towbar for your vehicle quickly, we have created a vehicle finder. After selecting your vehicle manufacturer, model and engine, you will receive a clearly arranged list of the matching towbar(s).

      Towbar Finder

      Vehicle manufacturer overview