Art. No.: 100235-01312-5

AUTO-HAK Towbar detachable Towball inserted from below - VW SHARAN

Art. No.: 100235-01312-5

AUTO-HAK Towbar detachable Towball inserted from below - VW SHARAN

  • Towing capacity: 2100 kg
  • Vertical load: 85 kg
  • suitable for VW SHARAN
  • Year of make 06.00 - 03.10
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VW SHARAN towbar option gallery

The "Option gallery" tab makes it even easier to get an idea what your new towing package looks at your VW SHARAN. You'll see before and after images, with or without the towbar installed. Images with the ball head detached are shown for detachable towbars. See for yourself whether the cut-out at the bumper (if provided) is visible at your VW SHARAN.

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Data Sheet
Special features
  • Following accessories are necessary for installing this product: 176218
Towbar type
Towbar lock
Towbar variant
Towball inserted from below
Assembly time 1
2,0 h
Essential accessories 2
Vertical load 3
85 kg
Towing capacity 4
2.100 kg
11,81 kN
E20-55R-01 4300
Ball head lockable
Bumper alteration neccessary
Bumper cover included in scope of supply
Dismantling of bumper neccessary
Socket holder can be folded in
Towbar with electrical set
Suitable for bike carrier
18,30 kg
1 The indicated fitting times for towbars and wiring kits are related to the regular installation of these products. Some car models might require additional work like disassembling the bumper.
2 Not included.
3 the maximum vertical load depends on the vehicle manufacturer and may be lower
4 the maximum towing capacity depends on the total weight of the vehicle and can therefore be lower
Product details

This detachable towbar was specifically designed and manufactured by top class manufacturer AUTO-HAK for your VW SHARAN . In the field of detachable horizontal towbar systems with automatic locking feature, the Auto Hak V2 is in a leading position for the VW SHARAN . The high durability, good design and compelling ease of use make the Auto Hak V2 system an excellent choice.

This anti-theft towbar comes with an integrated lock. The raw facts: a towing capacity up to 2100 kg and a vertical load of 85 kg. AUTO-HAK indicates a fatigue strength of 11.81 kN.

No need to cut the bumper to fit this towbar.

You can fit bike carriers securely onto this VW SHARAN towbar. Find the right products in the category "bike carriers".

You will receive detailed installation instructions for this product from the manufacturer AUTO-HAK. This towbar is powder coated. During the coating process, a plastic powder coating is applied to the metal surface. The result is high durability coating with excellent protection against corrosion.

Read and follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer when installing the hitch. Normally all information can be found in the vehicle's user manual. Use accessory 176218 to install this detachable towbar.

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    suitable vehicles

    VW is the key brand of Volkswagen AG (VW AG) with its headquarters in Wolfsburg. Its portfolio includes many vehicle brands such as Bentley, Audi, Ducati, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, MAN, Seat, Skoda and Scania. VW is ranked as the second largest car manufacturer in the world and is the largest in Europe.

    • VW SHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6)
      • Vehicle model
        Year of make
      • Vehicle model
        VW SHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6) 1.8 T 20V
        110 kW / 150 HP
        Year of make
        09.97 - 03.10
      • Vehicle model
        VW SHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6) 1.9 TDI
        66 kW / 90 HP
        Year of make
        09.95 - 03.10
      • Vehicle model
        VW SHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6) 2.0
        85 kW / 115 HP
        Year of make
        09.95 - 03.10